Aug 202014
Love in a Time of Horrors

Lately, it kinda feels as though the wheels are coming off the bus, doesn’t it? Psychopaths openly voicing deranged and bigoted nonsense are a growing voting constituency, have hijacked one of our political parties, and are fighting madly against such evils as equality and health care and contraception, fer chrissakes. Maniacs are murdering their way across swathes of the Middle East…including one such entity which is a major beneficiary of US taxpayer support. Cops are out of control and killing people–especially black and brown people–on a whim. A man who millions knew as fundamentally decent and warm-hearted and generous kills himself, and voices from said aforementioned crowd of psychopaths stand up and cheer. Oh, and one of the most lethal diseases ever known to humanity is loose in West Africa, where it doesn’t make the front page most of the time because…well, you know…Africa. And then there’s the carbon thing. Enjoying [...]

As from a long sleep…

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Aug 192014
As from a long sleep...

Well, tipplers and taverners, it is many a long month since The Green Dragon last opened its doors: not since last October, in fact. The blog has gathered dust and you, I am sure, have found other venues for bending an elbow and an ear. I was unwell, and I’m still in the final stages of recovering. Nothing life-threatening–or so I hope!–but enough to put me back on my heels and radically reduce my ability to write, create, and engage with many of my erstwhile interests. So the Dragon has been asleep. But there is good news! Those lights you see on in here mean a new cask of summer ale is tapped and the stools are off the tables. I’ll be posting again–probably infrequently at first–and as the joint starts hopping again the old atmosphere will, I am certain, reassert itself. There’s a new section now, “Atheopaganism”, which is about the godless [...]

An Atheopagan Prayer

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Aug 192014

Praise to the wide spinning world  Unfolding each of all the destined tales compressed   In the moment of your catastrophic birth Wide to the fluid expanse, blowing outward   Kindling in stars and galaxies, in bright pools Of Christmas-colored gas; cohering in marbles hot   And cold, ringed, round, gray and red and gold and dun  And blue  Pure blue, the eye of a child, spinning in a veil of air, Warm island, home to us, kind beyond measure: the stones  And trees, the round river flowing sky to deepest chasm, salt   And sweet.    Praise to Time, enormous and precious,  And we with so little, seeing our world go as it will   Ruing, cheering, the treasured fading, precious arriving,  Fear and wonder,  Fear and wonder always.    Praise O black expanse of mostly nothing  Though you do not hear, you have no ear nor mind to hear   Praise O inevitable, O mysterious, praise  [...]