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As from a long sleep… – Green Dragon

As from a long sleep…

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Aug 192014

Well, tipplers and taverners, it is many a long month since The Green Dragon last opened its doors: not since last October, in fact. The blog has gathered dust and you, I am sure, have found other venues for bending an elbow and an ear.

I was unwell, and I’m still in the final stages of recovering. Nothing life-threatening–or so I hope!–but enough to put me back on my heels and radically reduce my ability to write, create, and engage with many of my erstwhile interests. So the Dragon has been asleep.

But there is good news! Those lights you see on in here mean a new cask of summer ale is tapped and the stools are off the tables. I’ll be posting again–probably infrequently at first–and as the joint starts hopping again the old atmosphere will, I am certain, reassert itself.

There’s a new section now, “Atheopaganism”, which is about the godless religious tradition I’m building with many of my friends. Check it out if that sort of thing interests you; the concepts and conclusions of the tradition have arisen after nearly a decade of soul-searching and research on my part, and are of deep importance to me, for what it’s worth.

In the meantime, come for the beer and stay for the conversation. Knowing me, I’m certain to have some things to say about the hot-button topics of the day, which are likely to be entertaining if nothing else.

Welcome back!

At publication, the Dragon was WAKING UP

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