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Mitt Romney: the Opposite of Entitlement – Green Dragon
Sep 122012

Watching Mitt Romney’s truly appalling attempt to twist the murder of four members of the American diplomatic corps into an indictment of the Obama administration, what strikes me more than anything else is what a teeny, tiny, miniscule little man Mitt Romney is proving to be.

It’s been clear for a long time now that his candidacy was not about values, nor a policy agenda, nor vision, nor qualifications. How could it be? He’ll say anything to anyone. He changes his positions on key issues on a near-daily basis, while denying he is doing so. He runs screaming from his few genuine accomplishments, invents others from thin air, and mischaracterizes his history of avarice as ability. His campaign has been a hilarious carnival of incompetence. Romney’s candidacy is clearly about his ambition and his sense of entitlement: that no one on Earth, gosh darn it, could possibly be more deserving of power and authority than Mitt Romney.

What is odd, given that he survived a brutal rugby-scrum of a primary season, is how much that is proving not to be true. As we are learning, Mitt Romney is in actuality the diametric opposite of a man deserving of power. With every passing day, he is showing himself to be less deserving, less capable, less worthy. The contrast he poses to the giant of a man he hopes to replace grows steadily more stark, and as we enter the final weeks of the campaign, Romney and his angry little coterie of selfish haters look smaller every day.

Far from being entitled to the Presidency, Mitt Romney is the sort of shallow, cold, amoral and narcissistic person who should never be allowed power of any kind. Ever.

Eight weeks from now, we will be well rid of him.

At publication, the Dragon was DISGUSTED

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