An Atheopagan Prayer

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Aug 192014

Praise to the wide spinning world  Unfolding each of all the destined tales compressed   In the moment of your catastrophic birth Wide to the fluid expanse, blowing outward   Kindling in stars and galaxies, in bright pools Of Christmas-colored gas; cohering in marbles hot   And cold, ringed, round, gray and red and gold and dun  And blue  Pure blue, the eye of a child, spinning in a veil of air, Warm island, home to us, kind beyond measure: the stones  And trees, the round river flowing sky to deepest chasm, salt   And sweet.    Praise to Time, enormous and precious,  And we with so little, seeing our world go as it will   Ruing, cheering, the treasured fading, precious arriving,  Fear and wonder,  Fear and wonder always.    Praise O black expanse of mostly nothing  Though you do not hear, you have no ear nor mind to hear   Praise O inevitable, O mysterious, praise  [...]


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Aug 192014

I am a lifelong atheist, and have never–even for a second–had reason to doubt that point of view. However, I find that most outspoken atheists err seriously in their understanding of the function and value of religious practice in building community, inculcating values and gratitude, and otherwise enriching a human life. For many years, I was active in celebrating the turning of the seasons with members of the Pagan community, the values of which resonated with my own. However, there came a point where I could no longer tolerate the credulity with which many in those circles approached their religion, believing their gods and “magic” as existing in a literal sense rather than as meaningful metaphors. So I left. As a result, after a gap of some years in which I explored further how religious behavior serves the imperatives of various parts of the human brain, I began to develop what [...]

Oct 082013
The First Casualty of Zealotry

Republicans, as has been widely recognized, have painted themselves into a corner on funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. They’re not going to get any of what they’re demanding. Instead, they’re going to be humiliated after having been revealed as incompetent fanatics. A Continuing Resolution will be approved, the debt ceiling will be raised, and—because, thankfully, even in what has become the Party of Crazy-Stupid there are still enough marginally reality-tethered people to understand that crashing the world economy might be a wee bit bad—the hostage (meaning, all of us, at a global scale) will not be shot. The result will be the worst possible outcome for them: the Republican Party as a whole has crashed in the polls, and there is now a legitimate possibility that they could lose the House instead of sewing up both houses of Congress as they had hoped. That’s in the swing districts. [...]

Oct 022013
The Obama Doctrine: DON'T HAVE A DOCTRINE.

Over the past few months, I have been cranking an awful lot of my thought and wordsmithing into the insatiable maw of Mark Zuckerberg. A vigorous discussion—okay, knock-down-drag-out brawl—with my friends whose one-size-fits-all impulsive response to all prospective actions by institutions they don’t like (e.g., military, intelligence, or corporate institutions) is NOOOOOOO simply couldn’t get their minds around why I thought putting some consequences alongside use of chemical weapons on civilians was a good idea. All of that content went up onto Facebook, instead of here. Which means that’s where whatever eyeballs happened to point at it helped to line Zuckie’s pockets instead of giving me a little bump in Green Dragon visits. My fault–I decided to do it that way, and as a lot of the conversation involved very long comment threads with much meandering into sinkholes, I’m not going to try to reconstruct it over here. It’s all old news [...]