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Oct 082013
The First Casualty of Zealotry

Republicans, as has been widely recognized, have painted themselves into a corner on funding the government and raising the debt ceiling. They’re not going to get any of what they’re demanding. Instead, they’re going to be humiliated after having been revealed as incompetent fanatics. A Continuing Resolution will be approved, the debt ceiling will be raised, and—because, thankfully, even in what has become the Party of Crazy-Stupid there are still enough marginally reality-tethered people to understand that crashing the world economy might be a wee bit bad—the hostage (meaning, all of us, at a global scale) will not be shot. The result will be the worst possible outcome for them: the Republican Party as a whole has crashed in the polls, and there is now a legitimate possibility that they could lose the House instead of sewing up both houses of Congress as they had hoped. That’s in the swing districts. […]

Oct 022013
The Obama Doctrine: DON'T HAVE A DOCTRINE.

Over the past few months, I have been cranking an awful lot of my thought and wordsmithing into the insatiable maw of Mark Zuckerberg. A vigorous discussion—okay, knock-down-drag-out brawl—with my friends whose one-size-fits-all impulsive response to all prospective actions by institutions they don’t like (e.g., military, intelligence, or corporate institutions) is NOOOOOOO simply couldn’t get their minds around why I thought putting some consequences alongside use of chemical weapons on civilians was a good idea. All of that content went up onto Facebook, instead of here. Which means that’s where whatever eyeballs happened to point at it helped to line Zuckie’s pockets instead of giving me a little bump in Green Dragon visits. My fault–I decided to do it that way, and as a lot of the conversation involved very long comment threads with much meandering into sinkholes, I’m not going to try to reconstruct it over here. It’s all old news […]

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Pope Francis FTW!

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Sep 272013
Pope Francis FTW!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have never for even a moment given serious consideration to Christian cosmology. Sorry: I just can’t. It’s too cruel, too bloody,  and too silly. But I write here today to tell and celebrate the amazing tale of how Mr. Chips became Pope. The Roman Catholic Church  was rotting from the inside for a long time. John Paul II didn’t care about corruption, nor wrongdoing on the part of his priesthood–he just wanted to expand his market. Steadily pushing the ideology and areas of attention of the institution to the right, he allowed the Church to become so corrupt and so tarnished by the combination of being in the money laundering business and having high-level officials involved in deliberate indulgence of child molesting that Benedict, who never wanted anything more than to be the Emperor guy from Star Wars, actually *bailed* within mere months […]

Jun 222013
Progressive? Really?

Recently, what with all the Snowden/NSA mishegas, some of my friends have run with their prejudices to climb on the ZOMG! Spooks! Everywhere! bandwagon, and have accordingly become furious with me for failing to join them (the logic for which I posted previously). Among the characterizations cast by some of these critics has been the suggestion that the reason I do not agree with them is because (they say) I am a “centrist” (or, sometimes, a “liberal”), while they style themselves “progressives”. O RLY? Well, let’s take a look. I support marriage equality and absolute civil equality for women and racial, sexual, ethnic and religious minorities; absolute abortion rights for women and birth control rights for everyone; guaranteed publicly funded universal health care; a 90% top taxation rate; the Buffett rule; a carbon tax; enforceable and stringent international climate protection rules; reassertion of Glass-Steagel; a hard cap on total corporate […]